With Onair International you can charter helicopter for passenger travel or as complementary service of provided jet charter.

We offer door-to-door transfers as well as scenic trips and flights for any type of photography or filming. If you need to transport heavy goods when the journey across land is difficult or even impossible, we have just the service you need.

The documentation required for international transfers is the same as you would need for a scheduled flight.
Speed and efficiency are just two of the main advantages of helicopter hire, particularly for short transfers. Onair International provides all the necessary information to ensure every procedure is dealt with quickly and seamlessly so you can get the most from this service.


Passengers need to arrive at the designated terminal (usually the general aviation terminal or landing site) indicated in the flight details 15/20 minutes before the flight so they can meet the captain or our representative who will handle all the boarding procedures. The procedure for local transfers is much shorter.

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