Chartering a private jet can offer numerous advantages in so many different situations.

Chartering an aircraft for business or for leisure often makes sense, especially if:

  • Your destination is not served by commercial airlines.
  • Connections between one flight and the next are particularly complicated.
  • Time is of the essence you need to make more than one stop in the same day.
  • You would like a group of people to travel together for a meeting, convention, trade exhibition.
  • The flight needs to remain strictly confidential.
  • You need to return home as swiftly and as safely as possible from a foreign location for a critical situation or in an emergency.
  • You wish to give someone a truly unforgettable gift.
In other words there are many reasons why a private charter is the best possible choice in countless different situations. Scheduled airlines, by their very nature, leave a traveller with a limited selection of destinations and connecting flights. A private charter gives you maximum freedom of choice.  

As a result of these and other considerations, more companies and associations as well as institutional figures, businesspeople, musicians, sportspeople and private travellers are choosing the quality, style, safety and first-class professionalism of Onair International for their business and pleasure trips.



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