Founded in 2001, Onair International has since grown and established itself as one of the most active, dynamic and professional companies in the international air charter industry.
We took our passion for flying aircraft and transformed it into a business, while still maintaining the sense of challenge, enthusiasm and drive that only come with a love of flying.

Onair International offers its customers two different types of services: private jet and aviation consulting.


We are commissioned to source, negotiate and purchase national and international flights with different types of aircraft (executive jets, charters, cargo flights and helicopters) for business customers (large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and professionals), consumers and also operators with commercial, scientific and/or social activities and requirements.

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Onair International provides a first-class professional consultancy service to assist with technical, operational and economic evaluations regarding the civil aviation industry. Our service includes:

  • Purchasing and selling and exclusive commercial management of aircraft.
  • Pro and con assessments when purchasing an aircraft.
  • Sourcing and selecting new and used aircraft to purchase based on the needs of the customer and market conditions.
  • Organising and handling all the bureaucratic procedures and certifications in different countries.
  • Evaluating and optimising business costs.
  • Preparing business plans, analyses and feasibility studies (operational and management costs and financial plans).
  • Selecting the most suitable business when an aircraft owner opts for commercial management by a third party.
Onair International also offers a commercial management service for aircraft.