At Onair International we ensure our customers enjoy a first-class premium service by constantly striving to source and select only the best aircraft available in Italy and abroad. On board you can expect the highest standards of safety, privacy, comfort and professionalism, all at the best possible price.


Choosing an executive jet with Onair International means you can:

  • Charter a private airplane with 5 to 19 seats to fly to any destination in the world.
  • Decide your own schedule. Use our complementary helicopter service.
  • Travel in your own exclusive cabin where you are free to work or relax.
  • Tailor the catering to your personal preferences.
  • Receive assistance at the airport from departure to arrival.
  • Rely on a specialist technical team that is always on hand to fulfil your every need on the ground and in the air.
Onair International will let you know in advance which documentation is required for your chosen destination. We do our best to resolve any problems our customers may have during boarding and upon arrival at their chosen destination.

Passengers need to arrive at the designated terminal (usually the general aviation terminal) indicated in the flight details 15/20 minutes before the flight so they will be meet by the captain and/or a member of the Onair International team who will handle all the boarding procedures.

Onair International | The Highest Standards Of Quality

Onair International | Guaranteed Comfort, Safety And Privacy

The weight of the luggage that each passenger can bring depends on the type of aircraft and the number of passengers flying. Customers will receive all the necessary information when booking the flight.

Highly specialised personnel are always on hand to assist customers of an executive flight operated by Onair International during departure and arrival. They handle the bureaucratic procedures and also protect the privacy of the customers and any guests they may have.
The services on board an Onair International flight are the very best that a passenger could wish for. Our flights are planned with the closest attention to detail. We do everything to ensure all of our customers’ in-flight needs are fully met. For example, customers may request cabin crew and/or a catering service personalised to meet the preferences of each passenger. The hallmarks of an Onair International executive flight are quality and hospitality.

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