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Onair International’s specialist team will immediately work to check the availability of an aircraft to meet your route and time requirements.

Onair International will provide a detailed quote with costs and conditions in the utmost confidentiality. The quote will also include any technical specification, flight plan, crew informations and contractual conditions.

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Each aircraft has its own specific general terms and conditions.

Onair International will notify every details during booking, before the aircraft has been chosen. 



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In case of flight cancellation, Onair International will apply the cancellation charges of that specific aircraft.

When applicable the customer will be informed of these conditions beforehand in the flight offer. Changes may be made to the flight plan providing that they are compatible with operations and with any previous booking.


Onair International only selects aircraft from the finest Italian and international airline companies.

We only offer aircrafts that are equipped out in accordance with the most stringent European JAR OPS 1/EASA or American FAR regulations, and hold a licence for public transport (AOC/COA).

Onair International rigorously vets the reliability of every operator. All our operators must sign an agreement beforehand to comply with specific standards of quality and guarantee the efficiency of the aircraft as well as the experience and professionalism of the crew selected for the flights.

The safety and comfort of our customers is paramount. Every detail is meticulously checked and verified. 


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